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Perspectives on the Shivabalayogi Mission Today

“People should reduce their tensions and do their work well.  This is his blessings to the world.”

Shivabalayogi, the Living Yogi

Shivabalayogi Laguna beachShivabalayogi dropped his physical body on March 28, 1994, two months after he predicted that he would be with his devotees another forty years.  He insisted that yogis do not “die” in the ordinary sense.  They remain ever present and, if their work in the world is incomplete, they continue using astral bodies.  See Mahasamadhi.

Questions necessarily arise about how Shivabalayogi is present today, and how his work is continuing.  Just what is his “mission”?  This series of pages on The Living Yogi, Perspectives on the Shivabalayogi Mission Today explores some different ideas about the “Shivabalayogi mission,” arranged under the following headings:

   The Living Yogi — An introduction to the topic.

   Shivabalayogi on His Own Mission — Some things that Swamiji himself said and did about his mission.

  Shivabalayogi’s Sabotage — Some things that Swamiji said and did suggest that he did not have a conventional notion of his mission.

   The Living Example — Shivabalayogi serves as a practical and timeless example of how to live in this world.

   The Cosmic Shivabalayogi — To be Self realized is to be one with God, and the scope of God is cosmic.

   The Cosmic Mission — Swamiji suggested that in addition to helping people individually, his tapas served to protect this planet from destruction.

   The Living Guru — Swamiji often talked about the soul connection between guru and devotee, and in a sense, he is our true Self.

   The Living Miracle — Swamiji continues to manifest in miraculous ways.

   Bhava & Trance Swamis — Devotees continue to get bhava samadhi, and in Shivabalayogi’s trance, they manifest his very tangible presence.

   Meditation as the Mission — Most often, the core of Swamiji’s mission is described as meditation, his encouragement for people to meditate daily.

   Diversity in the Mission — A reminder that meditation does not limit the many other ways in which Shivabalayogi gives blessings.

   A Community of Devotees — Shivabalayogi did not set himself up as a god; and nor should we.

   Measuring the Mission — What are we to measure?  The Shivabalayogi form or all lovers of God?

   The Living Self — The mission is not something external; it is internal to each one of us.

   Lord of Yogis — Shivabalayogi’s mission as Teacher of teachers; our purpose in each lifetime is different.

   Rama’s Army of Monkeys and Bears — Shivabalayogi used this example to describe his mission, and it suggests that his mission is unconventional.

“People should reduce their tensions and do their work well.  This is his blessings to the world. . . .
It is his intention to see where there is tension in the minds of people, and to go there and reduce their tensions, to bring them into the spiritual line.  Once they are brought into the spiritual line, their tensions reduce and they lead a peaceful life.  That’s what he wants to do in the world.”


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