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Perspectives on the Shivabalayogi Mission Today

“What do you want?”

Ramas Army of Monkeys & Bears

  A Different Paradigm

On the occasion Shivabalayogi stated that his mission was to initiate many millions of people into meditation, he said,

“You want to know how Swamiji’s mission will be accomplished.  It will be accomplished automatically just as Lord Rama’s mission was.”

On that occasion also, he referred to the armies of monkeys and bears that helped God Rama defeat the demon King Ravana.

We can interpret this story and Swamiji’s mission by focusing on Rama.  We can look to leaders like Rama — not just to tell us what to do, but to provide some tangible expression of leadership.

Rama was a king and he could have organized a conventional army to attack Ravana.  But an ordinary army would not have overcome the powerful demon king, just like a conventional organization would serve to continue conventional consciousness, not bring about a new paradigm.

Shivabalayogi’s mission was to make a connection with devotees, then send them home.  If Shivabalayogi did not assume an authoritarian leadership style or hire professional staff, perhaps his devotees should not be looking for such leaders or support now that he is gone.  In fact, maybe that is why he left, to force devotees to deal with the issue of taking personal responsibility.

The leadership model Shivabalayogi gave was that leaders should do the work, not take the benefits.  They, like he, should serve the devotees.  They, like he, are not in the business of telling people what to think and do.  We all should listen at least as much as we talk.  If decisions need to be made, they should be done not by a majority vote, but by the collective consensus of a community.

Such a community represents a very different paradigm from how modern nations, businesses, or most religions conduct themselves.  Within a community of peers, Swamiji’s worldly mission can continue.  We can pursue darshan, meditation, bhajans, bhava, vibhuti and any and all other aspects of spiritual life.  We can learn from The Living Example, delight in The Living Miracle, worship The Cosmic Yogi, and appreciate The Living Self.  We can awaken to The Living Yogi which is our own identity.

We can practice a practical spirituality.  We can be scientists, inventors, business entrepreneurs, teachers, parents, athletes, artists, writers, musicians and explorers, even mystics, meditation teachers, spiritual leaders, philosophers and yogis, all with the power and integrity of The Living Yogi working through us.

When people lined up for Swamiji’s individual darshan and blessings, he would often ask them, “What do you want?”  The devotee would feel that Swamiji could and would give it.

That is a nice image of Rama’s army. 


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