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About Shivabalayogi — in Brief

Swamiji, as he generally referred to himself, meditated in samadhi (enlightenment) for twelve years.  He emerged in 1961 with all the powers inherent in Self-realization.

For three decades he traveled throughout India and Sri Lanka, then from 1988 to 1991, he visited England and the United States.  Everywhere he gave darshan (the transforming effect of his spiritual presence) and taught meditation.

He gave no lectures and wrote no books.  Instead, he taught through experience, encouraging all to know the truth directly.  By his own count, he gave his gift of initiation into meditation to over ten million people.  He healed bodies and minds and generously evoked various states of divine ecstasy (bhava samadhi) during spiritual song (bhajans, kirtan).  When asked what his mission was, he typically answered that it was to reduce tension in the minds of people.

He dropped his physical form on March 28, 1994, and his sacred body is interred a few feet from where he sat for almost all of his twelve-year meditation, in the ashram in the small, south Indian village of Adivarapupeta.  

He is in mahasamadhi, the great samadhi without a mortal body.  Devotees and disciples continue to experience his presence in dreams, meditation, visions, spiritual trance and all the various other ways he was present physically.

Shivabalayogi on Puget Sound, 1990



Shivabalayogi on Puget Sound, 1990.
This is among my most favorite photos.  As I took the picture, Swamiji suddenly lunged towards the camera and gave this beautiful smile.


Forty More Years  —  “You are with Swamiji now and know the truth, but after I am gone people can say whatever they want about Swamiji.”


Yogis, Teachers & SaintsYogis, Teachers & Saints — Shivabalayogi often spoke about the differences between yogis and spiritual leaders, and how politics and business mix with spirituality to form religions.

Shivabalayogi’s own life is an example of what it means to be Self realized without any sense of personal ego.

Bhava SamadhiBhava Samadhi: Spiritual TranceBhava, bhava samadhi, and spiritual trance are part of the path of devotion, bhakti, and part of all spiritual traditions.  Bhava is through the presence of higher spirits.  Shivabalayogi was unique in how generously he evoked such experiences over three decades.

Since Shivabalayogi entered mahasamadhi, spiritual trance continues but is being questioned.  Yet Swamiji often described bhava samadhi as part of all yogis’ missions and an integral part of his own work.

Shivabalayogi light bodyThe Living Yogi — Shivabalayogi dropped his physical body on March 28, 1994, two months after he predicted that he would be with his devotees another forty years.  He insisted that yogis do not “die” in the ordinary sense.  They remain ever present and, if their work in the world is incomplete, they continue using astral bodies.

Shivabalayogi is in mahasamadhi, the great samadhi.  The Living Yogi explores many ways in which a yogi continues his mission of evoking spiritual experiences, enlightenment and understanding.  “If I am in samadhi, I am very easily available.”

Yoga VasisthaYoga Vasistha Maharamayana — Summary and comments on Yoga Vasistha Mayaramayana, the spiritual treatise that Shivabalayogi recommended and Ramana Maharshi often quoted.

Yoga Vasistha is considered among the most valuable spiritual treatises and the most comprehensive exposition of non-dualistic (advaita) philosophy or Vedanta.  According to Shivabalayogi, it is the only book that accurately preserves a yogi’s teachings.

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